Engineered Wood Flooring

Flint River Engineered

What makes the Flint River unique is its journey. Starting as an underground spring in Southeast Atlanta GA, it meanders over 200 miles through the beautiful and diverse landscapes of southern GA filling lakes and joining other tributaries until finally emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

The shores it touches are just as varied as the products that make up our Flint River collection. Featuring a low luster metropolitan style and casual color palette on Oak or Hickory, the Flint River collection flows with style and options.

If you want a wide width engineered, a solid plank, or even both the Flint River collection provides you the opportunity to keep the same style and color in different areas of your home. Lastly, as with all our products, we proudly craft Flint River in our US plants and mills. If you are looking for a casual, now look, consider a Flint River floor.

Flint River provides you the versatility to match your specific needs – you may choose your floor in 5.4″ wide x ½” thick BEASLEY- Engineered or the same color in ¾” thick Solid wood in either 3 ¼” or 5” widths or both in Solid for a beautiful mixed-width visual.

Each option features our proprietary Aluminum Oxide with Nano-Technology finish providing you a Lifetime Residential Wear and a Lifetime Structure Warranty. The BEASLEY- Engineered flooring includes a 5-Year Lt. Commercial Wear Warranty.


Want to create a welcoming, comfortable space where everyone can feel right at home? Warm, appealing tones including grain variation from our wide plank White Oak and Hickory species lay the perfect foundation for making your home a relaxing yet fashionable haven. That’s why we decided to create the Sea Island Collection.

Sea Island is home to one of Coastal Georgia’s most iconic destinations: The Cloister. A timeless location with deep ties to the region and nature where cherishing family, friends, and nature has endured through its history. Our Sea Island flooring reflects the classic style and elegance of this destination through warm comfortable tones to meet today’s interior décor trends and set the perfect mood in your home.

It’s a collection of floors where the character of each species remains so that you feel the calming of natural wood. White Oak and Hickory are two of the most popular species which have been used as flooring for over a hundred years, a true testimonial to their timeless appeal and durability.

Sea Island features a sliced face construction for unsurpassed stability without sacrificing the beauty or quality of real wood flooring. Finally, our proprietary Aluminum Oxide with Nano-Technology finish provides you a Lifetime Residential Wear, a Lifetime Structure Warranty, and a 5-Year Lt. Commercial Wear Warranty ready for an active family or small business.

In a 7.4” wide plank, this collection boasts long lengths that will enhance a room or throughout the entire home.

As with all our products, we proudly craft Sea Island in our US plants and mills.