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A Family Owned Company

Beasley Flooring Products is located in historic Macon Georgia in the central part of the state. Our resource rich location and being owned and operated by the largest hardwood sawmill in the U.S., Beasley Forest Products, is key to our success. Beasley Forest Products is a family owned business with operations in five states. Learn more about our parent company at www.beasleygroup.com.

Safety. Quality. Efficiency. Quantity.

These four words are the guiding philosophy for all we do at Beasley Flooring Products– they are a mantra immediately familiar to all of our employees. And while each principle is critical individually, we recognize that it is the consistent application of all four – in that order – that continues to drive our success.

Our commitment to excellence begins with our commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. A strong incentive program encourages safe work practices and ongoing training, which gives our employees the tools they need to recognize and correct hazards. Employees who are confident in their safety are then better prepared to focus on producing a quality floor.

The high quality of our wood flooring is the first thing our customers notice. Each step of the manufacturing process is precisely controlled to ensure consistent quality. Although our flooring is milled on the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry, each piece is carefully hand inspected before it is shipped out or sent to our finishing plant. Our finishing line, completed in 2007, remains to be on the cutting edge of finishing technology. The sanders and coaters are all designed to operate as an integrated unit, ensuring uniform results and one of the most durable and beautiful finishes on the market. The precision milling and finishing of our floors also means easier installation and less waste.

Efficiency is the key to the long-term sustainability of our industry. Every percentage point of yield recovered is a direct contribution to our forest conservation efforts. That is why each step in our production process is designed to maximize recovery and minimize waste. The boiler that heats our kilns is fired by wood dust from the manufacturing process, and our modern production equipment helps us achieve maximum return on our lumber. Our goal is to ensure that nothing we consume is wasted.

Our two milling lines give us the capacity and flexibility to manufacture in excess of 400,000 square feet of flooring each week, in a variety of widths and species. Our finish plant operation is where our products truly come to life. With a capacity to finish more than 1,700,000 square foot of flooring per month, this is also where we offer a multitude of surface treatment options. These treatments include wire brushed, hand scraped, distressing, band sawn, circle sawn and multi-layered stain options for some of the most innovative products in the wood flooring industry.